A reassuring word from us at Stay Kerikeri



As the owners of Stay Kerikeri Boutique Apartments we would like to take the opportunity to communicate with you regarding the ongoing Covid-19 situation.

Please be assured that we already have extremely high standards in place and are constantly in touch with the Hospitality Association of New Zealand about best practice and prevention.  Our staff are highly trained and extremely pro-active at keeping your room hygienic and spotlessly clean.

The chances of you coming in to contact with the virus in a hotel setting is extremely low.  However, we have put vigorous protocols in place and wish to reassure you that:

  • All ‘high touch’ surfaces like light switches, remote, doorknobs are swabbed daily with hospital grade disinfectant.
  • Bathrooms and kitchens are scrubbed from top to bottom as each guest checks out. Toilets and showers are also cleaned with a bleach solution.  Floors are mopped then finished with a methylated spirits and boiling water swab.
  • Bedding and linen are washed at the highest temperature possible and a hot tumble dry, using the appropriate products (including napisan where appropriate).
  • Glassware, cutlery and utensils are either placed through a dishwasher or washed with detergent and very hot water.

We also take the opportunity to politely remind all guests to wash their hands often.  We have provided anti-bacterial soap in the dispenser and well as soap bars.  Please do use them.

If whilst you are with us and you start to feel unwell with flu-like symptoms, please inform us immediately and we will place support around you.  This is very important for us all.

So please relax and enjoy your time with us knowing that your apartment is as clean as a whistle.  And wash your hands 😊

With kind regards

Bill and Paula Schwass