Our Doggy policy explained

We love doggys !

There is a certain amount of flexibility to our dog policy.

We try to be ‘European’ in our approach to doggies and of course welcome the smaller non-shedding breeds that typify what we class as ‘handbag dogs’.

We have attached our guidelines, which at the end of the day are just common sense.

Specifically, larger well known shedding dogs such as Labradors, Alsatians, bulldogs and farm dogs do not make a great fit for us.

We indeed have a good crop of regular pooches which all fit in well.

We charge an extra $30.00 per doggy per night. 



Introducing an added bonus for doggy

A pet pick up and delivery spa package

Château de Chiens, is a small professional dog grooming spa overlooking beautiful Opito Bay and just 15 minutes from Kerikeri town Centre.

Doggys would be collected, groomed and pampered and returned, giving you a little free time to enjoy some of the sites you cant see when you have your furry friend with you.

Dog Hydrotherapy and an Ozone Spa are just some of services available. 

These can easily be placed into a ‘package’ including : lavender and sandalwood body scrub, ear clean, pawdicure, spa therapy, massage, and a groom of choice.  

Puppies and geriatric dogs most welcome as are most breeds.

Unfortunatly overnight or extended stays cannot be catered for.

Please contact Julia directly on her facebook page or below

Chateau de Chiens ( Love that name ! )


198 B Opito Bay Road,


0204 084 0641

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Fear Free Certified Groomer/Trainer IMDT