for all you gardeners that love before and after shots

Loosely coined the ‘Winterless North means that frost tender sub tropical plants flourish.

Our 5 year old – yes five years !  gardens were stripped back and consciously re- planted with well known sub tropical varieties – Bromeliad, Gardenia, Heliconia,  Hibiscus, Lepidozamia and different palm varieties,  creating a great look for STAY KERIKERI BOUTIQUE APARTMENTS + STUDIOS  a KERIKERI based resort.

How do you like our original  ‘WAKA GARDEN’ ?    

Palms and Black Cordelines provide the look that we wanted for a long narrow garden.

The front entranceway shows off the beautiful continuity of a mass planted bromeliad, lepidozamia and palm combinations.

The challenge when renovating exteriors are obvious looking at the before and after of the rear of our apartments.  Placing palms in sight lines viewable from guests windows and doors was a conscious move to provide continuity of views providing that ‘being surrounded by subtropical plants feel’ between the front and rear of our apartments.  

Every apartment now has a sculptured  ‘garden room ‘ to step into – which is growing everyday… We can’t wait to see this in three years time !

The before and after here shows that by creating ‘rooms’ that you can ‘see through’ is important for us in our garden designs.

Outdoor rooms are completely “doable’ in the far North.  Creating this was fun and turned out to be very practical at STAY KERIKERI.

The colour black we use on our buildings is Resenes Bokara Grey which has a warm ochre base and provides a lovely backdrop for the greens and reds in our plantings.

Last but not least is our beautifully transformed pool area.  By the clever use of paint and planting we have created a lush and vibrant ‘Pool Room’ that is loved by guests over our summer months and a haven for that evening glass of wine during the cooler winter months.  Enjoy !