Showcasing the Resort style Gardens of STAY KERIKERI

The gardens, like all other aspects, at STAY KERIKERI have been designed to reflect the subtropical nature of Kerikeri and the Far North of New Zealand.

When STAY KERIKERI was judged ‘winners’ of the ‘Best Redeveloped Accommodation’ in the 2017 New Zealand Hospitality Awards, judges made mention of the resort style gardens, in that they were “of Kerikeri” and that they represented a significant part of the re-development.

Successful design criteria, such as creating ‘view points’ of planting through window and doors, ensure our guests are assimilated into the views and gardens giving a feeling of ‘being surrounded’ by our gardens.  Strong plant design means ‘mass planting’ of one or two species of plantings.

Experiencing very few frosts is the key to be able to grow varieties of plants more likely to be associated with the warmer Pacific Islands to the North.

Enjoy the video !